Terms And Condition

The terms of use below are regulations that players must comply with after registering an account at krikya.cc, to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future as well as clarify the rules for players. play, here are the terms and conditions at our bookmaker:

Terms And Condition
Terms And Condition


We only accept people over 18 years old who are responsible for personnel behavior to participate in the game. If there is any doubt about the player’s age, the player must publicly disclose their ID card or passport number to prove they are old enough.

Player account

Players must fully register their accurate information with us, this information will be used for the deposit or money transfer process later.
Players can only register one account. If we detect a second account, we will consider it invalid and we will block that account.

Privacy and Personal Rights

We will keep our customers’ personal information completely confidential and will not share it with other third parties.
Players are also responsible for keeping login information confidential and not sharing it with others.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players need to carefully read the requirements when participating in receiving bonuses or follow the promotion requirements to receive bonuses. Do not use tricks or loopholes to bypass employees to receive promotions. If we detect such behavior, we will lock the customer’s account and not make any payments.

Payment means

After you provide all payment methods and payment accounts, we will pay according to that information. After the transaction, the bank determines that payment has been successful, we will not have any payment. any obligations if the customer provides incorrect information or the money is not received in the customer account.

Game rules

Customers must comply with the game rules when participating in any game in order to achieve the valid bet amount.

Cancellation and Account Suspension Policy

We have the right to suspend or cancel the customer’s account if we detect any fraudulent behavior without prior notice or payment of any transaction.


All of the above terms and condition are regulations that players are required to comply with when participating in the game. We will also take all responsibility if errors arise from our side. This is extremely important to ensure objective fairness for the game.