Outstanding VIP Member Promotions at Krikya

Elevating through VIP ranks brings exclusive privileges to players. As a result, VIP members at Krikya have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of enticing benefits. Below are some of the most prominent promotional programs tailored for VIP members at Krikya for your reference:

Become our VIP member
Become our VIP member
  1. High-Value VIP Upgrade Bonus:

    • Krikya offers 20 VIP levels, each corresponding to different accumulated points and unique gifts. VIP members can partake in the VIP upgrade bonus program, with rewards reaching up to 1,800,000 BDT. Simply visit the VIP section, choose the upgrade gift, and the bonus will be automatically credited to the player’s account. This is an exceptionally attractive offer that every VIP member would want to participate in.
Enjoy VIP-only perks
Enjoy VIP-only perks
  1. Monthly Gifts for VIP Members:

    • In addition to the above promotion, VIP members receive monthly bonuses of up to 123,000 BDT. The higher the VIP level, the larger the bonus amount. To qualify for this offer, players need to achieve at least 1% in the current month compared to their current VIP level.
  2. VIP Birthday Bonus:

    • Krikya shows thoughtful consideration by offering birthday bonuses of up to 123,000 BDT. Depending on the VIP level, members will receive corresponding bonus amounts. Celebrate your birthday by engaging in the exciting promotions at Krikya to claim significant bonus rewards.
  3. Lavish Jackpot Rewards:

    • Every month, Krikya organizes lucky draw events where participants have the chance to win jackpots worth billions. VIP members can participate in four draws per month, with random bonus amounts ranging from 3,000 to 123,000 BDT. This VIP member promotion requires no additional registration; the system automatically selects and rewards members on the 7th of each month.

Additional VIP Privileges at Krikya

Receive gifts on major holidays
Receive gifts on major holidays

Beyond the enticing bonus promotions, VIP members at Krikya also enjoy three additional special privileges:

  1. Exclusive Participation in Major Events:

    • VIP members at all levels have the privilege to participate in major events organized by Krikya. These events feature valuable gifts such as phones, motorcycles, cars, or luxurious 5-star vacations.
  2. Higher Transaction Limits:

    • VIP members benefit from higher transaction limits compared to regular players, both in terms of withdrawal amounts and frequency. While regular members can withdraw a maximum of 22 Million BDT per day, VIP members can withdraw double that amount.
  3. Dedicated Customer Care:

    • VIP members receive exclusive 1-on-1 assistance from Krikya’s customer support team. This ensures swift resolution of any difficulties or issues encountered during the betting process.

In addition to the mentioned privileges, Krikya VIP members enjoy a host of other special benefits throughout their entertainment journey. Therefore, seize the opportunity, register an account, and place bets to obtain the VIP card with numerous valuable gifts.


This article provides insights into the VIP member promotion programs at Krikya for your consideration. Register an account and explore the diverse range of products and services offered by Krikya, accompanied by various attractive promotions and bonuses.